Dashamoola Kwath

 Dashamoola Kwath.

any new students of ayurveda often come to know about Dashamoola kwath (decoction). We have several inquiry about it. Dasha means Ten and Moola means roots. It is a formulation of ten roots, mostly useful in all kind of Vata conditions. Mainly used as decoction (kwath). Some time powder or tablet form are also available in the market. Very good to produce steam in Panchkarma centers (for bashpa svedana) Here are the names of these ten roots.

1) Name: Bilva Botanical name : Aegle marmelos Linn.
2) Name : Agnimanth Botanical name : Premna lattifolia Linn. 
3) Name: Gambhari Botanical name : Gmelina arboria Roxb. 
4) Name: Shyonak Botanical name : Oroxylum indicum (Linn.)
5) Name: Patala Botanical name : Stereospermum coalis 
6) Name: Gokshura Botanical name : Tribulus terrestris Linn.
7) Name: Shalaparni Botanical name : Desmodium gangeticum 
8) Name: Kantakari Botanical name : Solanum xanthocarpum
9) Name: Bruhati Botanical name : Solanum anguivi 
10) Name: Prushniparni Botanical name : Pseudarthria viscida

For any such question, comments pl contact us. We wish to support your study of ayurveda, whenever – wherever.


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